Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Weekends Away - The Golden Acorn Hotel Glenrothes

We spent the weekend before last at The Golden Acorn Hotel in Glenrothes, The Kingdom of Fife, which is just around an hour away from us.

This is a Wetherspoon's Hotel and the first one we have stayed in, I was actually quite surprised when I found out because I had never known that Wetherspoon's actually ran hotels, I only knew about the Restaurant/Pubs.

The hotel is connected on to a pub/restaurant and at first when we arrived I was quite worried about noise/disruptions from the bar but I needn't have been as the minute you enter the lift to head to the floors with the rooms on them you cant hear a thing.

I was really pleased with the room, we were in the very last room on the fifth floor and it was warm, cosy, clean and comfy, we were also provided with plenty on the tea/coffee tray, and then we were also given bottled spring and sparkling water as well as some biscuits!.

Another plus for me with this hotel was that we could go straight downstairs in the morning to have breakfast in the bar and the shopping centre was practically right next door with a massive choice of shops, we ended up spending most of the Saturday in there.

Straight across from the restaurant they also have plenty of fast food shops and a newsagents so basically everything you need right in the immediate area.

I sadly wasn't able to grab any more pics of this hotel because my phone gave up on me...

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Weekends Away - Holiday Inn Greenock

I think I mentioned previously that we (myself and my partner) like to get away for the weekend whenever possible to hotels, well for the past four weekends that's what we have been doing, hence the lack of blog posts recently, so for the first and second weekend we went to The Holiday Inn Express Greenock, it's not our first time visiting this hotel and it's one of the hotel chains we do tend to use a lot, the room rates include breakfast each morning so it works out as really good value for the money, the staff are always cheerful and helpful, the rooms are always cleaned thoroughly, warm and cosy, you also receive plenty of tea/coffee which is replenished each day and that is a must for us as we love our cuppa's lol.

The second weekend we returned to the same place in Greenock and we also booked a room for my in laws too as a mothers day gift, they also enjoy visiting the holiday inn's due to them being allowed to take their small dog with them.

The one in Greenock is particularly good because everything you need is within walking distance, including a fairly decent sized shopping centre, main streets/shops and plenty of places to for dining.

This is some images of the hotel room and the surrounding area.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Netflix & Making A Murderer

Has anyone watched the Making A Murderer series on Netflix? I know I'm probably soooo much later than most bringing it up and it was a while ago now that I actually watched it but I just saw some news articles and it made me wonder what others are thinking now, I was actually gobsmacked after watching the first couple of episodes and ended up binge watching the rest because I just needed to keep seeing how it all unfolded.

My overall opinion is that neither Brendan Dassey or Steven Avery should be in prison right now, the whole court case and the investigation beforehand was a complete sham and then adding in the details released to the media before the trial that should never have happened then the entire case should have been thrown out in my opinion.

Regardless of whether you think they are innocent or guilty though, surely EVERYONE must realise that at the very least they deserve a fair trial..

I just hope that the entire truth comes out in the end and we finally see some justice for Teresa Halbach.
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Thursday, 25 February 2016

What's for dinner?

So dinner time again, tonight we have a hot and spicy pork chop, baked potato and a huge salad.
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What's for dinner?

Tonight for dinner we had hunters chicken with mashed turnip, carrots and some onion rings, yum!

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What's for Lunch?

Lunch today was quick and easy roasted (or toasted) cheese. Seasoned with Salt & Pepper :)

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Saturday Outings (Forge Shopping Centre & McChans Restaurant)

I think I mentioned before that I love the weekends, namely Saturdays because myself and my partner always go out together and if we aren't away staying in a hotel then we go either shopping, visiting a tourist attraction nearby, we eat out then visit my partners mum and dad.

This weekend I was feeling lousy with a cold (which has now turned into a head cold eurgh!) so wasn't really up for doing much but still never wanted to stay indoors all day so we opted for just going to the Forge Shopping Centre which is only about 20 mins away in the car, the forge also has a great market right next to it that I do enjoy walking around and picking up little bits and bobs (you really should visit if you ever get a chance and haven't already) but I wasn't feeling up to walking around both so we just went to the shopping centre this time round, we picked up some odds and ends (nothing exciting this week) then we went looking for food and found Mc Chans Oriental Express, I opted for a Beef Curry with rice and Chips and my partner wanted the chicken curry, we then had a cuppa to wash it down, the service was great, the woman that served me at the till was very helpful and pleasant and the food was lovely, I will definitely be going back.

So after eating I was looking for a Superdrug to pick up the Freedom Pro Strobe Palette that I had seen the previous week but unfortunately there's none in the Forge, I popped into one in another town on the way back and typically they never had that specific item (the girl said she knew what I was describing but they never had that stand in their store) oh well, just my luck I suppose, here's hoping I can pick it up next week.

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