Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Saturday Outings (Forge Shopping Centre & McChans Restaurant)

I think I mentioned before that I love the weekends, namely Saturdays because myself and my partner always go out together and if we aren't away staying in a hotel then we go either shopping, visiting a tourist attraction nearby, we eat out then visit my partners mum and dad.

This weekend I was feeling lousy with a cold (which has now turned into a head cold eurgh!) so wasn't really up for doing much but still never wanted to stay indoors all day so we opted for just going to the Forge Shopping Centre which is only about 20 mins away in the car, the forge also has a great market right next to it that I do enjoy walking around and picking up little bits and bobs (you really should visit if you ever get a chance and haven't already) but I wasn't feeling up to walking around both so we just went to the shopping centre this time round, we picked up some odds and ends (nothing exciting this week) then we went looking for food and found Mc Chans Oriental Express, I opted for a Beef Curry with rice and Chips and my partner wanted the chicken curry, we then had a cuppa to wash it down, the service was great, the woman that served me at the till was very helpful and pleasant and the food was lovely, I will definitely be going back.

So after eating I was looking for a Superdrug to pick up the Freedom Pro Strobe Palette that I had seen the previous week but unfortunately there's none in the Forge, I popped into one in another town on the way back and typically they never had that specific item (the girl said she knew what I was describing but they never had that stand in their store) oh well, just my luck I suppose, here's hoping I can pick it up next week.

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