Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Weekends Away - The Golden Acorn Hotel Glenrothes

We spent the weekend before last at The Golden Acorn Hotel in Glenrothes, The Kingdom of Fife, which is just around an hour away from us.

This is a Wetherspoon's Hotel and the first one we have stayed in, I was actually quite surprised when I found out because I had never known that Wetherspoon's actually ran hotels, I only knew about the Restaurant/Pubs.

The hotel is connected on to a pub/restaurant and at first when we arrived I was quite worried about noise/disruptions from the bar but I needn't have been as the minute you enter the lift to head to the floors with the rooms on them you cant hear a thing.

I was really pleased with the room, we were in the very last room on the fifth floor and it was warm, cosy, clean and comfy, we were also provided with plenty on the tea/coffee tray, and then we were also given bottled spring and sparkling water as well as some biscuits!.

Another plus for me with this hotel was that we could go straight downstairs in the morning to have breakfast in the bar and the shopping centre was practically right next door with a massive choice of shops, we ended up spending most of the Saturday in there.

Straight across from the restaurant they also have plenty of fast food shops and a newsagents so basically everything you need right in the immediate area.

I sadly wasn't able to grab any more pics of this hotel because my phone gave up on me...

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