Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Weekends Away - Holiday Inn Greenock

I think I mentioned previously that we (myself and my partner) like to get away for the weekend whenever possible to hotels, well for the past four weekends that's what we have been doing, hence the lack of blog posts recently, so for the first and second weekend we went to The Holiday Inn Express Greenock, it's not our first time visiting this hotel and it's one of the hotel chains we do tend to use a lot, the room rates include breakfast each morning so it works out as really good value for the money, the staff are always cheerful and helpful, the rooms are always cleaned thoroughly, warm and cosy, you also receive plenty of tea/coffee which is replenished each day and that is a must for us as we love our cuppa's lol.

The second weekend we returned to the same place in Greenock and we also booked a room for my in laws too as a mothers day gift, they also enjoy visiting the holiday inn's due to them being allowed to take their small dog with them.

The one in Greenock is particularly good because everything you need is within walking distance, including a fairly decent sized shopping centre, main streets/shops and plenty of places to for dining.

This is some images of the hotel room and the surrounding area.

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