Friday, 26 February 2016

Netflix & Making A Murderer

Has anyone watched the Making A Murderer series on Netflix? I know I'm probably soooo much later than most bringing it up and it was a while ago now that I actually watched it but I just saw some news articles and it made me wonder what others are thinking now, I was actually gobsmacked after watching the first couple of episodes and ended up binge watching the rest because I just needed to keep seeing how it all unfolded.

My overall opinion is that neither Brendan Dassey or Steven Avery should be in prison right now, the whole court case and the investigation beforehand was a complete sham and then adding in the details released to the media before the trial that should never have happened then the entire case should have been thrown out in my opinion.

Regardless of whether you think they are innocent or guilty though, surely EVERYONE must realise that at the very least they deserve a fair trial..

I just hope that the entire truth comes out in the end and we finally see some justice for Teresa Halbach.

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